Art Davis Studios – Free Offer

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Free offer from Art Davis Studios

Mix/Master one song 100% FREE

Offer good through 3/31/2018

Do you have recordings of your music that sound OK but not all that spectacular? A really good professional mix/master of your song can make all the difference between OK and amazing.

I’m launching a new business in Q2 of 2018. Art Davis Studios will offer mixing and mastering services.  I need to build up my portfolio. If you want to hear what a professional mix/master will sound like of your recording this is your chance. 100% FREE until 3/31/2018.

My only ask is your permission to use the mix in my portfolio. You help me and I give you a pro mix of your song. You get full credit for your work. I will include your bio and link to your band page on my portfolio page.

How it works:

Send me your raw multi-track STEMS and I’ll give you a professional mix of your song as a 24bit WAV file. Can also work with guitar/vocal demos.

Contact Info:
Check out for bio and examples of my work.

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