Art Davis Studios Official Simmer Dim Waltz EP Release Date Set


RELEASE DATE: March 27, 2018

Art Davis Studios has set the official release date of the new Art Davis EP, Simmer Dim Waltz featuring five new original songs and instrumentals for MARCH 27, 2018.
EP will be available on Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, YouTube Music, Microsoft Groove, Spotify, Pandora, and several other music distribution channels.
Simmer Dim Waltz EP features new songs and instrumentals by Art Davis. The EP covers a bit of musical ground with two folk songs and three folk-jazz instrumentals.

Track List:

Simmer Dim Waltz
Song For Kathryn
You’ll Be Okay
Blues For Reynard
MARCH 27th is about four weeks away.  Watch for future announcements and a Free Giveaway MP3 to be released in the next couple of weeks.
Thank you for your continued support!!!!

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