Full Toolbox vs 7 Steps To Writing a #1 Hit


Full Toolbox vs 7 Steps To Writing a #1 Hit

I’d like to take a few moments and talk about my approach to my Art Davis Studios blog. I see so many songwriting blogs and courses that make claims like – “7 Steps to Writing a #1 Hit” – or – “5 Steps to Better Lyrics” – or – “Step By Step Guide To Songwriting”.

And guess what? That is NOT the way it works. The creative process is a very fluid and individual ARTFORM not an assemble the Lego pieces process.

So that’s why my tag line is “No Rules Only Tools”. My approach to this blog is to provide new tools to put in your songwriting toolbox. A toolbox that you can open and pull out the right tool for the right moment and multiply the number of colors you have on your songwriting palette.

Writing music follows many different paths and processes. A great example to compare Mozart’s and Beethoven’s composing processes and methods. Mozart being a child prodigy and savant would at times write an entire symphony start to finish in ink (that’s all there was at the time) and send the first and only draft to his publisher. Beethoven on the other hand was very methodical and would fill countless notebooks working and reworking motives, themes, and sections. Over and over. Only after a very laborious time consuming process did a symphony begin to emerge.

Totally different ways of working both producing some of the world’s most brilliant music.

So that’s why I don’t like the “X Steps to Y” approach. Songwriting is just NOT that simple. It is however doable if you have a set of tools you have worked with, mastered, and internalized.

In many of my posts I advocate trying a new different process to spark your imagination. That could seem to be in congress to the above ideas. But in all cases I”m not saying change your process and do it “this way” and you’ll have a #1 hit. I’m saying give it a try and see if some element of it works for you. Maybe use it if you are stuck.

Click HERE to check out my blog with some tools and give a few a spin in your composing/songwriting room.

Everyone finds their own way to composing and songwriting. That’s the beauty of it. If there was a formula to follow and that was the only path I would be bored and probably move on to doing something more interesting. It is the fuzzy bits that are fascinating.

Thanks for your time reading this article.  And a heartfelt thank you for supporting Art Davis Studios Blog.


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So until next time. Let’s all go out there and make some music!


2 thoughts on “Full Toolbox vs 7 Steps To Writing a #1 Hit

  1. Thank you for finally addressing the “meat” of the matter. Those types of posts get lots of click through because readers see them, and think, “Oh cool, only 5 things to focus on, sounds simple enough” After reading most of these, I’m left with more questions than plans, and clicker’s remorse. Great post!


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