Me And My Shadow – Final Mix

Howdy folks!! Take a listen to the final mix of my latest project – Me And My Shadow.
Me And My Shadow was written by Al Jolson, Billy Rose, and Dave Dreyer in 1927. I created this production/arrangement for Ellen Crouse’s play, Thrive.
The song features Clay Ruede on cello and Alice Spencer on vocals.
Recording was produced by Art Davis Studios.
“Thrive” focuses on one woman’s experience of being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. Through music, dance, comedy, and theatrical fantasy, the audience learns that having cancer can be about savoring being alive rather than being ill. Life truly is grand.
Written by Ellen Mahoney Crouse with Choreography by Johnny Simons (World Premiere)
October 12 – 28, 2018 Friday – Sunday
Showtime: 8:15 PM
Check it out here!!!

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