I’m Super Excited About Nov 2, 2018

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I’m Super Excited About Nov 2, 2018

Hickory Dreams – EP Release Date is 3 weeks away on Nov 2, 2018.  It will be released in all the major distribution points (iTunes, Google, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, and about half a dozen other streaming sites.
I think this is my best work to date.
Here’s a quick rundown of what will be on the EP with a couple of sneak peek links so you can have a listen before the release.

Looking Out This Time

Original Folk-Jazz composition. The recording process for several of the tracks on this EP make use of online collaboration. Guide tracks, PDF charts, and STEMS were traded back and forth using online file sharing.  In the case of this recording none of us have ever met each other face to face. In fact we all live is several different countries.
Art Davis                Nylon string guitars, piano
Stian Sylta              Electric guitar
Daniel Bergius        Acoustic guitars
Jason Schaefer       Electric guitar and B3 organ
Ritesh Hamlai        B3 organ
Adam Rogers        Bass
Ben Holmes          Drums

Me and My Shadow

I arranged and produced this recording of the Al Jolson, Billy Rose, Dave Dreyer 1927 hit, Me and My Shadow for Ellen Crouse’s play, Thrive produced by The Hip Pocket Theatre in Fort Worth Texas. The arrangement makes use of a 4 part cello choir played by Clay Ruede, piano, xylophone, nylon string guitar, bass, and percussion played by me, and vocals by Alice Spencer.

Moontower Overture

Original Folk-Jazz composition originally (in a much simpler form) used for the opening ballet sequence of my play The Moontower’s Glow produced by The Tongue and Groove Theatre in Austin, Texas. The play is an absurdist comedy chronicling the life of a man who just one day adopted the personae of Igor Stravinsky and continued to live out his life in Austin, Texas.

Hickory Dreams

Simple original folk song dedicated to my wife, Kathryn. She grew up on Hickory Hill Farms in Nebraska. The song explores the collision of memory and the present moment.  The initial idea and some rough lyric ideas were sketched out while walking in Devil’s Den State Park in Arkansas among many beautiful hickory trees. The arrangement makes use of a 3 part cello choir performed by Clay Ruede.


An original keyboard driven Folk-Jazz composition that makes use of a chord progression that has been in my notebooks for decades. Originally a samba I reworked the groove giving a nod to Herbie Handcock’s classic masterpiece, Maiden Voyage.  The melody floats on top of the groove working 3/4 against 4/4.

Sneak Peek Link

Looking Out This Time – Opening Track
Follow the link below to Pre-Save this EP to your Spotify Playlist so as soon as it drops you will have it.

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