Friday Favorite 12-7-18 – In a Silent Way – Joe Zawinul

Original Version
Joe Zawinul 1971

This piece of music and specifically this arrangement and recording had a huge impact on me. It seems to still to this day act as a model to follow. I would have been a Jr in High School at the time. I listened to it over and over and just wore the record out. I think this was the beginning of my love for music that is quiet, peaceful, and doesn’t have a whole lot going on. This minimal amount of musical information creates an amazing state of mind in the listener. It wasn’t long before I got my first Fender Rhodes Electric Piano – a big ol’ heavy-ass thing. In many ways it was kind of the beginning of my interest in ambient music, electronica, and minimalism. It was certainly a foreshadow of the work he and Wayne Shorter would do with Weather Report. And of course being a total Miles Davis Freak I had listened to the Miles version released on a couple of years earlier in 1969 which extended the piece with a middle section jam that is just pure Miles cool.


In a Silent Way – Joe Zawinul

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