New EP Released

A new EP, Morning and Evening Improvs Set One is now released to all major distribution channels.

This new EP features improvised piano solos, duets, trios, and quartets.

Each track is an improvisation recorded in one sitting using one single “take” for each part with no editing or “retakes”. This process captures the spontaneous composition as it is improvised. If there is one thing that I have spent more time doing than anything else it is improvising. I love all the amazing happy accidents that happen while improvising.

Perhaps my most personal music to date, this music is stripped down to the piano improvisation. Morning and Evening Improvs Set One is the first in a planned series EPs featuring piano improvisations performed in one single take with no editing. Some are for solo piano and some are multi-track improvisations creating pieces for piano duets, trios, or quartets. They were recorded in one session either first thing after waking up or the last thing before going to sleep.

Composing and improvising are activities where I have exceeded the Ericsson 10,000-hour rule many times over. The freedom of improvisation offers a unique opportunity for amazing things to happen spontaneously: the kind of things that if you tried to write down would evaporate. It is amazing to capture these moments with the flexibility and accessibility of my home studio.

I hope you enjoy these short flights of fancy.

Click HERE to listen on Spotify and Google Play.





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