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Artist’s Statement

There has never been a better time for You to make Your music in Your home studio and to release it to the World on Your terms.

Let me help You do that!

Let me help you learn to use technology to Connect to Your Creativity – To Connect Your Creativity To The World.

No Rules Only Tools

I believe that listening can connect us to our creativity and that is the purpose of music. I also believe that music and art can actualize inner change, and that changes in our world happen as the result of changing ourselves.


My name is Art Davis and I like to make music. That is about the short of it. Take a look around and you can hear some of my music, learn more about me,  read my blog articles and discover ways we might work together. I’d love to create something amazing with you. If you like what you see and hear contact me.

I am a composer, songwriter, producer, educator, writer, and owner operator of Art Davis Studios. I live in the Texas Hill Country just outside of Austin. While my music is rooted in Modern Classical Music, it is the incorporation of elements of and instruments from, Electronica, Jazz, and Folk traditions that gives my music a unique appeal.

Need music for your film, videodance, or theatre production? Contact me and let’s discuss how I can help with your project.

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Learn How To Make Music In Your Home Studio

Click HERE to take a look at my blog articles including info and tools about Composing, Orchestration, Songwriting, Lyric Writing, Theory, Arranging, Producing, Digital Music Distribution, Creativity, Artist Reviews, and many other aspects of making music in your home studio. My approach is to provide you with a set of tools to enable you to create better music, to broaden your pallet of choices, and to get your music out into the world.

It has never been easier to make great professional recordings in your home.

I’m interested in helping you make YOUR music, your honest music written from YOUR artistic voice, to provide tools to help you Connect to YOUR Creativity.

No Rules Only Tools.

Coming in 2019

New YouTube Channel, Art Davis Studios. This channel will extend my written blog to a video format where I can show as well as explain my tool set approach.

New Lyric Writing Video Series

Digital Music Distribution Video Series 

The Art of the Chart Video Series



Professional Mixing and Mastering Services

An excellent creative professional mix and/or master of your recording is what moves your music from simply good to absolutely amazing.

Are you into mixing/mastering your own music but just would like some help? Contact me and let’s talk about how I can help you with in depth mix reviews or becoming your Personal Online Mixing Coach.

Don’t have a budget for a Personal Online Mixing Coach? Totally get it. Contact me anyway and I’ll email you a list of excellent free sources to help you.

Let me help you take your recorded music to the next level.

Click HERE Art Davis Studios Pricing – to review pricing information and how to prepare files for collaboration with Art Davis Studios.

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