Creative Freedom Using Self-Imposed Limitation

Creative Freedom Using Self-Imposed Limitation I would like to explore the topic of the power of setting a set of limitations at the beginning of creating a work of art.  I'll be relating this to songwriting and composing music but it is relevant to just about any creative endeavor. This idea has been around for … Continue reading Creative Freedom Using Self-Imposed Limitation

Internalizing Songwriting Tools and Techniques

Internalizing Songwriting Tools and Techniques The slug line for my blog posts is "No Rules Only Tools".  This is somewhat tongue in cheek but actually is something I feel very strongly about.  Theory or technique taught as a set of rules to follow is firstly annoying to anyone who is creative.  And secondly promotes concept … Continue reading Internalizing Songwriting Tools and Techniques

8 Tips For Writing A Great Melody

8 Tips For Writing A Great Melody Melody oddly enough is probably the most overlooked element in songwriting.  We all tend (and I'm as guilty as anybody) to stress out over chord progressions, lyrics, groove, arrangement, and which reverb to use.  When in actuality melody is a SUPER important  element when it comes to a … Continue reading 8 Tips For Writing A Great Melody

First Analog Moog Studio

This is a pic from the early 70's.  This was the first analog synth studio I ever worked in. It is where I learned analog synthesis.  Its the undergrad electronic music studio at North Texas State University. The graduate studio was even bigger. I got to work there a small amount but spent hours in … Continue reading First Analog Moog Studio

The Art of Listening

Thought I would share this great documentary on music and technology directed by Michael Coleman and Emmanuel Moran. It is a little over an hour long but way worth it.  Some interviews with some really cool people.  Very well done.   Click below to join my mailing list and pick up a FREE … Continue reading The Art of Listening

Artist vs Artisan

Artist vs Artisan There is a long history of distinction between an Artist and a Craftsman or Artisan. The former was reserved as a somewhat elitist view categorizing the "Fine Arts" as separate from the "Folk Arts".  This was the difference between painting, art music, ballet, etc.....  vs  pottery, weaving, basket making, and folk music, etc … Continue reading Artist vs Artisan

Simmer Dim Waltz EP Is Released!!!!!

Simmer Dim Waltz, a new EP featuring 2 new songs and 3 instrumentals written, recorded, and mixed by Art Davis in Art Davis Studios is released and available. Check it out at the links below: iTunes - Google Play Artist Page - Youtube - Amazon - Spotify My Artist Page - Bandcamp … Continue reading Simmer Dim Waltz EP Is Released!!!!!

Songwriting Theory – Length Of The Line

This week's topic is an interesting one.  And a very short one. I tried to flesh it out and realized I was just adding stuff to make it longer not better.  I'll admit that this one is a bit "fuzzy".  What I mean is that there are so many variables that it is hard to … Continue reading Songwriting Theory – Length Of The Line