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My name is Art Davis and I like to make music and write. That is about the short of it. I am a composer, writer, and owner of Art Davis Studios. I live in the Texas Hill Country just outside of Austin. While my music is rooted in Modern Classical Music, it is the incorporation of elements of and instruments from, Electronica, Jazz, and Folk traditions that gives my music a unique appeal.

After the release of the EP Simmer Dim Waltz in March, and a new single, Hickory Dreams featuring a cello choir played by Clay Ruede in July,  finishing a commission producing and arranging the standard Me And My Shadow for Ellen Crouse’s play, Thrive running in October at The Hip Pocket Theatre in Fort Worth, Texas, and releasing my latest EP Hickory Dreams, I am currently working on a collection of Ambient Improvs, Blue Garden and a series of new instrumental / electronica / ambient scores for a series of short films, Collection of Trifles. The recorded compositions will be released as EPs on the usual digital distribution channels and the videos will be released on YouTube.

I have an extensive history of affiliations with theatrical and dance organizations dating back to the mid-1970s.

I have composed many compositions for dance and theatre, writing six plays incorporating my music in creative ways blending music, spoken word, dance, pantomime, and projected images. My works have been produced by The Hip Pocket Theatre, Stage West, The Bricolage Ensemble, Tongue and Groove Theatre, The Selwyn School, and The Token Mime Theatre.

For a list of some of the productions I have been involved in click HERE.

I come from a long lineage of musicians and composers. My grandfather was a composer of concert band and orchestral music. I began playing trumpet professionally at the age of 16 in my father’s Jazz Big Band, The Art Davis Orchestra. In many ways, my current music projects are a continuation of that lineage. While studying Music Composition at NTSU my love of classical composition, electronic music, folk, jazz, and ethnic music was a natural response to the vibrant music scene at the music school. I hold a Bachelor of Music in Composition from NTSU with a focus on analog synthesis working extensively in the Electronic Music Studios. At that time NTSU had one of the largest electronic music studios in the United States consisting of a very large installation of custom made Moog Modular Analog Synthesis components. I continued with post-graduate studies in composition focusing on digital synthesis working with the New England Digital Synclavier. I taught the Graduate Seminar in Computer Music.

In addition to music, I love to write. I am working on the proverbial novel and write poetry and short stories. Click HERE to visit the writing section of my website.

Art Davis Studios Blog is full of articles and links to video content about Composing, Writing, Gardening, and Cooking – different ways to Connect To Your Creativity.

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