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Professional Mixing and Mastering Services

An excellent creative professional mix and/or master of your recording is what moves your music from good to amazing.

Let me help you take your recorded music to the next level.

Mixing and Mastering services include a total of (3) three mixes. The first mix will be sent to you for your review. You can comment via email what you would like tweaked or changed. This process goes thru two more iterations with the third mix being the final mix.

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$200 per song


$40 per song

Mixing/Mastering Bundle

$220 per song

Clean Up of Stereo Video Audio Track or Live Audio Recording

$40 per song

Prices can be negotiated for projects mixing and/or mastering a full EP or Album.

Payment for single song mixing and/or mastering is due before work is begun. For full EP or Album projects 50% is due before work is begun and the remaining 50% is due before release of final mix.

Review Mixing File Preparation and Process for information on how to prepare your files for mixing, process for exchanging files back and forth, and review the online mixing process.

Contact Art at to discuss your project and work out arrangements for transferring files.

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