Learn How To Make Music In Your Home Studio

Click Here to take a look at my blog articles including News From Art Davis Studios about new music I’m working on, Songwriting Theory, Arranging, Producing, Creativity, Artist Reviews, Mixing/Mastering, and many other aspects of making music in your home studio. It has never been easier to make great professional recordings in your home.

Professional Mixing and Mastering Services

An excellent creative professional mix and/or master of your recording is what moves your music from simply good to absolutely amazing.

Let me help you take your recorded music to the next level and beyond.

I specialize in Producing, Mixing, and Mastering acoustic driven music. Indi-Folk, Contemporary Folk, Traditional Folk, Bluegrass, Americana, Jazz, and Singer Songwriter are a few genres that use acoustic instruments to drive their arrangements.  This doesn’t mean that many never use electric guitars, synths, or electric bass. It just means that the focus of the music is generally acoustic.  There are hundreds of techniques used in recording and mixing that are all about the use of electric and electronic instruments.  Those techniques are what most Producers and Mixing/Mastering Engineers know. And frankly many of those techniques don’t apply to acoustic music and in fact can mask the sonic quality of the acoustic instruments.

What I bring to the table is a specialty in techniques that compliment and enhance the sound of acoustic instruments.  I want that $4K guitar to sound like a $4K guitar.  Let me help you make your acoustic music shine and sound inspiring.

Mixing and Mastering services include a total of (3) three mixes. The first mix will be sent to you for your review. You can comment via email what you would like tweaked or changed. This process goes thru two more iterations with the third mix being the final mix.

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Original Music

I am an Indie-Folk singer-songwriter, composer, acoustic guitarist, keyboardist, mixing/mastering engineer, and owner operator of Art Davis Studios living in the Texas Hill Country just outside of Austin.

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