Piece for String Orchestra Selected for Playlist

Hello all, My piece for string orchestra, Collection of Trifles 3 has been selected to be included in Joshua Naranjo's Spotify playlist, Fresh Discoveries - Cinematic. Invite you to check out Joshua's playlist. Lots of great instrumental music there. Fresh Discoveries - Cinematic Enjoy! And if you feel inspired to click the little heart icon. … Continue reading Piece for String Orchestra Selected for Playlist

The Moontower’s Glow

An absurdist comedy produced by The Tongue and Groove Theatre, December 2001 at The Blue Theatre in Austin Texas. I wrote and directed this play and played trumpet, guitar, and sang background vocals. It follows a day in the life of a household of folks in Austin that just assume alternate personas. Igor Stravinsky, Vera … Continue reading The Moontower’s Glow

Collection of Trifles Set One – EP Released

Collection of Trifles Set One EP is now available on all major digital distribution channels. Stream it on Spotify: Collection of Trifles Set One Purchase it on Bandcamp: Bandcamp Purchase it on Amazon: Amazon Visit me on Social Meda Spotify - Facebook - Instagram - Bandcamp - YouTube - Soundcloud … Continue reading Collection of Trifles Set One – EP Released

Filing Taxes – by Art Davis

Filing Taxes a poem by Art Davis   Only vaguely knowing what is inside, I pick up the large manila envelope. On the front printed in large black Sharpie-drawn letters Are our names, address, and phone number. It somehow reminds me of elementary school.   Taxes and the business of running the house are my … Continue reading Filing Taxes – by Art Davis

Night Music – Spotify Playlist – Edited

Created a new version of a playlist on Spotify. Night Music is a collection of music that reminds me of Bartok's idea of Night Music. As of 6/3/20 I've edited it and added and subtracted to and from it. Night music is a musical style of the Hungarian composer Béla Bartók which he used mostly … Continue reading Night Music – Spotify Playlist – Edited