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Ambient Invention #1

First Installment in a collection of Modern Classical Ambient compositions featuring piano, strings, and electronica.

Looking Out This Time

Folk-Jazz instrumental composition. For this project I decided to take the process of online collaboration to the extreme.  I brought in six musicians laying down tracks incorporating drums, electric bass, electric guitars, steel string guitars and two Hammond B3 organs to add to my nylon string guitars and piano.  All done by exchanging files on Dropbox.  I’m very happy with the results and it is amazing that none of us have ever actually met.

Me And My Shadow

Commission to arrange and produce the 1927 Al Jolson, Dave Dreyer, Billy Rose song for playwright, Ellen Crouse for her play, Thrive. The play will be directed by Johnny Simons, produced by The Hip Pocket Theatre, and will run in Oct 2018. This recording features Clay Ruede playing the arrangement for cello choir and vocals by Alice Spencer.

Hickory Dreams

Dedicated to my wife Kathryn. Hickory Dreams is a folk song featuring cello choir played by Clay Ruede. The song explores the collision of memory and present experience.

Moontower Overture

This piece was originally written in a much simpler form for my play, The Moontower’s Glow. The piece was used as the opening ballet sequence of the play featuring two Firebirds and the character of Petrushka lifted from the ballets of Igor Stravinsky. The play is an absurdist comedy about a man who just adopted the personae of the famous composer while living his life in Austin, Texas.

You’ll Be Okay

A folk song chronicling the lives of a family unit, mother/father/sister/brother.

Song For Kathryn

This composition is dedicated to my wife Kathryn. It is a Latin groove jazz tune featuring acoustic and electric guitars.


This piece is a jazz tune working with a chord progression that has been in my notebooks for decades. Originally a samba I reworked the rhythm groove. The melody floats over the chords working 3/4 against 4/4.

Moontower Part 2 – Hawk Dance

This composition features my long time fascination with drones and the tonal ambiguity found in “sus chords”.

Simmer Dim Waltz

Simple guitar/vocal folk song about the Shetland Islands.  Inspiration came from the Ann Cleeves’ mystery series set there.  The “Simmer Dim” is a term the locals use to describe the perpetual twilight that occurs during the mid-summer months.

Blues For Reynard

A very straight forward original blues in A minor.


This piece features a virtual cello choir and keyboards,

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