Blue Silk Sky Part One out on all DSPs on Modern Classical X – April 9, 2021.

for Cello Choir and Piano featuring – Clay Ruede – Cello

Ghost Deer, EP on Blue Spiral Records released to all digital platforms – December 4, 2020.

Hawk Dance released to all digital platforms – August 28, 2020

for Cello Choir and Piano featuring – Clay Ruede – Cello

Collection of Trifles Part 2 and 3 performed by the Austin Philharmonic Orchestra – March 4, 2020

Sumi-e Shadows – EP

Released by Blue Spiral Records December 20, 2019.

Morning and Evening Improvs Set One – EP

Released August 2019

Collection of Trifles Set One – EP

Released April 2019

Hickory Dreams – EP

Released November 2018

Simmer Dim Waltz – EP

Released March 2018

Hickory Dreams – Single

Released June 2018

Hip Pocket Theatre

Writer, Director, Music Director, Musician, Performer

Thrive by Ellen Crouse

Me And My Shadow
Produced, arranged, and recorded 1927 standard, Me And My Shadow featuring Clay Ruede on cello and Alice Spencer on vocal.

Prince Reynard by Larry Oliver and Art Davis

Composer, Music Director, Musician

A Saga of Billy The Kid by Johnny Simons and Art Davis

Composer, Music Director, Musician

The Prospector by Art Davis

Playwright, Composer, Director, Musician, Performer

Dreams Schemes and Imaginings by Art Davis and Cindy Davis

Playwright, Composer, Music Director, Musician

Petrushka – an original adaptation of the Russian folk tale by Art Davis and Cindy Davis

Playwright, Composer, Director, Musician,  Performer

Tongue and Groove Theatre

Artist In Residence

The Billy Club Puppets by Federico Garcia Lorca

Composer, Music Director, Musician, Actor

The Moontower’s Glow by Art Davis

Playwright, Director, Music Director, Musician

At the Hawk’s Well by W.B. Yeats

Director, Composer, Music Director, Musician

Selwyn School

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Producer, Director

The Prospector by Art Davis

Playwright, Director, Music Director

Godspell by John-Mitchael Tebalak and Stephen Schwartz

Director, Music Director

Our Town by Thornton Wilder


Cybernetic Arts Project

Guest Composer
The Cybernetic Arts Project, funded by the National Endowment For The Arts brought together a collective of composers and multi-media artists to create a computer controlled theatrical event.  A computer program generated the order that the various scenes and compositions were presented making each night’s performance unique. Participants included Phil Winsor and Larry Austin.

Vortex Theatre

Musician, Performer

Despair’s Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio by Kirk Smith

Musician, Performer

Token Mime Theatre

Artistic Director, Producer, Composer, Performer
Produced theatrical events incorporating pantomime, music, projected photography and film.
Held workshops and classes in pantomime, mask making, and stage movement.

University of Texas Percussion Ensemble

Guest Composer
Children of Paradise for Mallet Trio (Marimba, Xylophone, and Vibraphone)

The Bricolage Ensemble

Artistic Director
Composer, Musician, Producer
Produced events incorporating musical composition, improvisation, projected photography and film.
Various untitled free/semi-structured improvisations
White Sand – for Chorus
Sumi-e – for String Quartet

Fort Worth Dance Alliance

Composer, Musician
Tribes by Art Davis
Composer, Musician

Side Street Circus

Musician, Performer
Roving Music and Theatre Ensemble

Master Cylinder

Composer Musician
Produced multi-media concerts incorporating live progressive jazz ensemble, dance, and projected photography and film in Texas and California.