Me And My Shadow

I am blown away by this whole thing. So incredible to have this thought and then have it come into reality, and to be so stunning in terms of quality! Thank you is not enough to say, but there it is.
Especially to you, Art, for writing the arrangements and making this happen. Old friend indeed, in the finest sense of that term.

Still kind of reeling from listening the first time.
— Ellen Crouse, client

Yea I couldn’t be more pleased. Its like having Lauren Bacall sing this. Smokin’.  And her phrasing is Miles Davis cool!!!!
— Ellen Crouse, client

Fantastic work everybody! What a thing to collaborate with people from all over the country without ever having met! Guess that’s one of the perks of this modern world we live in.

Thank you so much for including me in this magical project!

— Alice Spencer, vocalist

Art – nice arrangement, nice production. Bravo.

For me this is one of those wow moments. I wouldn’t touch a thing. Everything is so present nothing is overpowering. This would have fit perfectly on Nora Jones’s first album. And the vocalist doesn’t need to take a back seat to any other. This is pro stuff.

Beautiful vocals! I like the strings with her.

The mix of instruments is nice, and the recording is really clean.

Ahhhh, awesome! Love the way the vocals sound! So natural, so warm, just beautiful!

I really like that, Art. That’s a very new and creative take on the song. I bet it will set a cool mood during that part of the play – and how cool will it be for you to attend the show? Gorgeous vocals. What I wouldn’t give to sing like that. I really liked the hard panned things. The plucked strings gave me an Asian feel the first time through and surprised me. I heard this song a lot many years ago – sung by The Mills Brothers. Reminds me of my dad and his parents

Hi Art, what a beautiful voice she has, and a great arrangement. I couldn’t fault it. the instruments are perfectly clear and balanced to my ears, instruments sounded equal on left and right headphones, and “THAT “voice absolutely penetrated the center of my brain( what’s left of it lol.) she didn’t knock it out of the park. She kicked it right out of the town. Well done, I loved it. cheers.

Art – this is so charming!! made me smile. Its inventive and well-produced.

Great lushness (dynamic range/ clarity in air frequencies/ balance with overall tonal range) in this production! good work!

Arrangement and development worth noting, makes you want to keep listening as the track unfolds.

Great arrangement and production. David said it right “lushish”. Really paints a feeling.

If I remember right, Far Seeing Art is a character on an old underground radio show called the “Twin Towers of Inverness”. He entered the land of a-ha. You brought us all there with this one.

Killer mix Art.

I love the absolute subtlety of the instrumentation.

Art, I can’t tell you how much I loved this. It’s stunning. Beautiful warm sound, gorgeous singing, excellent mix, but best of all the arrangement. Love, love, love those strings. Seriously good job, well done sir.