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Artist’s Statement

I believe that listening can connect us to our creativity and that is the purpose of music. I also believe that music, literature, and art can actualize inner change and that changes in our world happen as the result of changing ourselves.


My name is Art Davis and I like to make music and to write. That is about the short of it. Take a look around and you can hear some of my music, learn more about me,  read my blog articles. Hopefully, you will find some of it interesting and it will inspire you to create something. If it does look around and see if there is a way we might work together. I’d love to create something amazing with you. If you like what you see, read, and hear contact me.

I am a composer, writer, and owner of Art Davis Studios. I live in the Texas Hill Country just outside of Austin. My music draws from a wide range of musical experiences, from orchestral and electronic to folk-influenced world music, to create unique and diverse musical scores.

Need music for your film, videodance, or theatre production? Contact me and let’s discuss how I can help with your project.

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Coming in 2019

New YouTube Channel, Art Davis Studios. This channel will extend my written blog to a video format.

Music Production

Production and Mixing Services

An excellent creative professional mix and of your recording is what moves your music from simply good to absolutely amazing.

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